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The High Fiving Dog

"Karen's" Korner: A Series of Blogs on Controversial Topics-Brought to you by Internet Trolls

Please scroll past if you a returning reader. to get to the good stuff

I take great pride (and get great entertainment) in articulating my responses to Internet Trolls, Keyboard Warriors, Social Media Karen's (or Kevin's),etc. I do sincerely apologize to the Karen's and Kevin's out there that society has coined your name as the person who asks "Let me speak to the manger". Please don't hate me...I say it tounge-in-cheek!!

ANYWAYS....back to adding honey to this hot tea being served.....

There's no denying that we love our animals. I am just not sure why people need to cause waves and be so mean/hateful about certain things posted online. I SWEAR no one has a sense of humor or can accept that maybe people think and do differently than you. FREEDOM OF THOUGHTS and SPEECH must not apply to internet content?!?!

Also, every time I engage with one of these trolls I cannot help but hear Thumper's (the little bunny from Bambi) voice over and over in my head "IF YOU DONT HAVE ANYTHING NICE TO SAY TO SAY ANYTHING AT ALL" which basically is the1940's saying "Keep scrolling Karen"

My go to's when squaring up with the Karen's, are things like "thank you for your unsolicited comment" or "I'm glad you're ASSUMING know what they say about the word ASSUME, right" (basically calling them an ASS) or "there's two sides to ever story" ETC ETC Sometimes I go into depths, sometimes I blow it off...however here is my platform to go into depths before they delete their ignorant comments...and 9 time out of 10 after I sprinkle some knowledge on the topic the magically delete and disappear.

So since the keyboard warriors wont stop anytime soon, I have decided to use it to my benefit and create a blog post every time I feel like it may be a good topic of conversation to share with y'all. Hopefully you enjoy and come back for know they wont stop!

The High Fiving Dog

Pictured here is Sampson and Lucky at an USEF (United States Equestrian Federation) horse show. My original post was something cute like..."Anyone wanna give him a high five?" Seemed harmless...never did I think people were going to come after me HAVING my dogs on a leash. Most people bitch about dogs NOT being on a leash. I mean come on...these two even have food and water in the pic!! I think I even referenced that they were at a horse show...but cant you see the stalls and haybales in the background? Obviously they are some where unique. Well the post blew up check out a few of the comments below...

Alright so the picture is painted....

Here are some rhetorical questions for you practical people

First off where are the chains they speak of? All I see are cotton leashes that are temporarily tethered.

I'm also curious if any one is familiar with leash laws?

Do you know how big horses are? I mean I feel like its pretty obviously a barn aisle...and who wants their dogs roaming around 100 plus horses at a barn that you don't own?

How cruel can a dog be treated if they know basic obedience like sit, which they are clearly demonstrating and know tricks like high fiveing?

How cruel is it for a dog to have access to food and water?

And also can some explain to Diane that a 15 plus foot door would not be located in the basement?

I referenced earlier that we were at a USEF show. The United States Equestrian Federation is the governing body of all things horse show (at least on the upper end of things). We live by strict rules and our horses even get drug tested! They have rules and bylaws specifically about dogs. Typically every other horse owner brings their dog to horse shows. Here is one of there rules....

6. Dogs are not permitted to be loose on competition grounds and must be held on

a leash or otherwise restrained. Individuals must not lead dogs on a leash while mounted. Dog owners are solely responsible for any damages, claims, losses, or actions resulting from their dogs’ behaviors. Dog owners failing to comply with this rule will be issued a Yellow warning card and may be subject to penalty under Chapter 7

Taking your dog to horse show is a responsibility, more so than your average event and we take that seriously. We love bringing our pitties/bullies to advocate for the breed and let others meet our beloveds. As you can see with the other pics....there was plenty other adventures the pups went on that weekend.....But weren't the comments on point and super helpful??

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